Types of translation services

We offer ordinary and certified translations, transcreation (marketing translation), revision, editing of machine translations, localisation and interpretation.

Various translation services such as translation, transcreation, interpreting and localisation are often all referred to as translation. Even though these services are closely connected with each other, they differ in the manner in which the text is converted from one language to the other.

‘Ordinary’ translation is simply re-writing a written document in another language, where the source text is closely and faithfully followed.

A certified translation is when an official document needs to be translated by a certified translator. The translated text is then attached to the source text with a declaration, signature and stamp of the certified translator on it. This translation must correspond exactly with what is stated in the source text.

Transcreation is a freer form of translation, in which greater consideration is taken of the new target audience. This is particularly suitable for marketing texts.

Post-Editing of machine translations is working on a concept translation of a text that has first been put through translation machines. Using the original source text as a reference, we rework this concept version into a clear and readable text.

Interpreting is translating the spoken language in a conversation, for example at a conference or on the telephone, so that people can understand each other immediately.

Localisation is adapting a text (usually software, multimedia or websites) to the linguistic, technical or cultural requirements and customs of the target market.

Other services

In addition to these various forms of translation, we also provide corrections, reviews and proofreading of your own texts.

Graphic design is another possibility: we can take your texts which are laid out in InDesign, translate them and have them laid out in the target language.

We offer ordinary and certified translations, transcreation (marketing translation), editing of machine translations, interpretation, corrections/review/proofreading of your own texts and graphic design.

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