IT and software translations


The IT industry is still the fastest growing industry globally. Every day new software is developed and new apps are created. So the demand for translations in this field is also on the increase. At Vertaalbureau Noorderlicht we have translators who specialise in information technology and the translation of software, apps and html strings.

If you have software translated, naturally you want the programme code to be left untouched. Our translators at Vertaalbureau Noorderlicht know what should and shouldn’t be translated and are experienced in the different platforms, programming languages and file types, such as html, xml, css, Excel, txt and csv. Our translators can also work directly in your own database.

Your translation will be carried out by a specialist IT translator and then proofread by a second native speaker in the target language. So you can rest assured that your translation will be perfect.

English source text

If you would like to have an IT text translated into an Eastern European or non-European language, it can make a difference to the price if you supply the original text in English. In that case we can have the IT translation or software translation carried out in the country in question, w hich is usually less expensive than having it translated in The Netherlands. This will keep your costs down.


When translating software it can be extra-important to devote attention to localisation. Currencies, date formats, buttons, terminology, style, notation and lay-out are adapted to suit each target group, country or region for which the software is intended. There may be significant cultural preferences even between countries that share a language. It may therefore be a good idea to have certain software translated/localised into two versions, for example an American and a British version, a Portuguese and a Brazilian version, or a Spanish and a Latin-American version.

For further information please refer to our page on localisation.