Quality guarantee

In order to be able to deliver outstanding quality, at Noorderlicht we always work on your text with at least two people, a translator and a reviewer. One of these is a native speaker in the source language, the other a native speaker in the target language. We only work with translators who have a university degree or third-level education (or the international equivalent). The source language native speaker’s task is to ensure that the meaning (semantic aspect) is transferred correctly, while the target language native speaker is responsible for correct spelling, grammar, tone and style (the linguistic aspect). In this way we always have the same focus on the correct transfer of meaning as well as the correct tone and style of writing in the target text, and this results in a flawlessly translated text that reads smoothly.

If we are ever unsure, or the text requires very specific terminology, in addition to extensive research, we will even consult a third person who is a specialist in the area in question. For example, we do not hesitate to directly approach people ‘working in the field’, which can vary from asking a dermatologist about skin conditions to a garage owner or mechanic who can explain in detail how a specific car part works.

We maintain a terminology list for every client. In this way we can translate your industry-specific text consistently and you can expect our translation to seamlessly fit into your internal and external communication.




We do whatever it takes to ensure our clients are satisfied. Should it ever happen that you are not satisfied with your translation, you can let us know what the issue is, and we will fix it to your satisfaction - at no cost to you, of course.