Deliveries and delivery times of translations


Uncertified translations

You may send us the text that needs to be translated using our contact form, by e-mail, or by post. We will return your translation by email, or – if you prefer – by post.

Certified translations

For an official document for which a certified translation is required, you can scan it and save it as a PDF document and e-mail it to us. We print it out in our office and attach this to the certified translation as the original. When we have completed the translation we send it to your home address by post. If you prefer, we can also deliver the translation digitally in PDF format by e-mail, including the stamps, declaration and signature.

Delivery time


In the normal course of business we assume a delivery time of approximately 1000 words per client per language per day. In this way we can serve many clients at the same time and there are no waiting lists. We can almost always schedule your translation immediately or for the following day. For example, an article of 2 pages can therefore often be back within 24 hours, if it can be delivered by email. When ordering your translation we will tell you immediately when your translation will be ready. A faster delivery is usually also possible: you then pay a surcharge.

With certified translations, delivery is a little longer because of the extra work of lay-out, stamps and authentication.