Financial translations

The world of economics and finance has a terminology all of its own. At Vertaalbureau Noorderlicht we have specialist financial translators who are familiar with this terminology and can translate your documents faultlessly and accurately. We are the financial translation agency for all your translations in the fields of finance and economics, banking, accountancy, tax, real estate, insurance, investment and financing.

Several of our translators used to work in the banking or financial sector and therefore have a wealth of valuable relevant knowledge. We also have proofreaders who are, for example, economists or tax specialists; they check the translations carefully as regards content. Naturally your translation is also proofread from a linguistic point of view by a second native speaker so that content accuracy does not detract from the ‘feel’, clarity and readability of the document. All this enables us to guarantee a first-class financial translation.


It goes without saying that we treat all the documents that we receive for translation as highly confidential. If you would like additional legal protection, we can sign a confidentiality agreement or a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before we start on the work.




Financial documents that we can translate for you

  • annual financial statements
  • annual reports
  • appeals relating to tax
  • articles of association
  • balance sheets
  • business cases
  • business plans
  • cash flow overviews
  • contracts
  • deeds of transfer
  • due diligence reports
  • extracts from the Chamber of Commerce
  • financial software
  • income statements

  • insurance terms and conditions
  • internal audits
  • investment plans
  • market studies
  • minutes of shareholder meetings
  • mortgage deeds
  • policies
  • profit and loss accounts
  • prospectuses
  • salary slips
  • share transfers
  • specifications
  • tax returns
  • tenders