Translation services

We provide various types of services, which naturally include ‘regular’ translations from and into any language. Simply send us the text in a Word, Excel, PowerPoint, txt, jpg or pdf document using our contact form; we will then send you a quotation. If you are satisfied with the quotation, we can start on your project immediately.

In addition, we provide specific translation services, such as:

The difference between translation, localisation and interpreting

Although the three terms translation, localisation and interpreting are sometimes lumped together under the term ‘translation services’, they are, in fact, closely related but different forms of rendering content from one language to another:

Translation is rendering a written document, such as an installation manual or a pharmaceutical patent, from one language to another

Interpreting is an oral form of translation, enabling real-time communication at conferences, over the phone, etc.

Localisation is adaptation of software, multimedia or websites to specific languages, cultures and locales. Translation is only one of the stages of localisation