Legal translators with a keen eye for detail

There is no professional group that devotes greater attention to detail when it comes to wording than lawyers. Every word, every sentence, every full stop and every comma are all carefully considered. The legal translators who work for Vertaalbureau Noorderlicht are keenly aware of this and ensure that the translation of the document conveys the meaning of every sentence just as clearly and precisely.

Our legal translators specialise in the translation of all kinds of legal documents. In addition to their translation qualifications they also have had additional training in legal translation and are familiar with the terminology of legislation, acts and contracts.

We offer a translation and interpreting service to notaries and solicitors, the courts and the police. It goes without saying that our sworn legal translators and interpreters are registered with the Bureau of Certified Interpreters and Translators of the Ministry of Justice and have been sworn in before the court.

We also provide legal translations for business, for example general terms and conditions or contracts. These translations are carried out by a legal translator and then very carefully proofread by a second native speaker. So you can rest assured that as much attention has been devoted to the details of the wording of the translation as to that of the source text.


It goes without saying that we will treat all the documents that we receive for translation with the strictest confidence. If you would like additional legal protection, we can sign a confidentiality agreement or a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before we start on the work.