Non-certified translations

You may send us the text that needs to be translated using our contact form, by e-mail, by post, or by making an appointment to visit the office. We will return your translation by email, or – if you prefer – by post.

Certified translations

Scan (resolution: 300 DPI) the official documents for which a certified translation is required and send them to us using our contact form or by e-mail, or make an appointment at our office so we scan them for you. After finishing the translation, we will call you and make an appointment. You can then come to our office to pick up the translation, or we can send it to you by (regular) mail.

Delivery time

Under normal circumstances we assume a delivery period of approximately 1,000 words per customer per language per day. This ensures a proper service for many customers at the same time and avoids waiting lists. Most translations are scheduled immediately or the following day. This means that an article of two or three pages can usually be returned within 24 hours. If you need faster delivery times than this, that’s possible too, but with a surcharge.

Delivery times for certified translations are usually longer because of the extra work involved in lay-out, stamps and authentication.